Etsy finds

Good Morning/ Afternoon!

I have been extremely distracted this morning… I have been lost in the cyber hole again! Here are some of my finds from Etsy this morning… Not sure exactly what I was looking for? but they caught my eye and had me dreaming up a room… Possibly ideas and inspiration for my stand at the end of year exhibition, when I finally graduate from my course!

I know these lights are nothing new, but I just love the colours in this photo, and imagine the shadows these would cast! I love the texture too!

I am looking at putting a sideboard of some sort on my stand… I had thoughts of painting layers of colour and then stripping back our hall table downstairs, but hadn’t realised it is made out of a special and rare timber- so have been denied! Oops!

This just reminds me of our little boy 🙂

The patterns and colours on these cushions suit me down to the ground! I’m hoping to come up with a few of my own one day!

I really need to get some work done now!

Have a great day!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- Etsy

One thought on “Etsy finds

  1. LOVELY! All of them! I can’t visit Etsy too often for this reason. I get a little too caught up and would spend too much moolah! Thanks for sharing!

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