Drawn to Black

I have been spotting black everywhere and loving it! I know this sounds silly, it’s nothing new using black in an interior, but as I look around my home I realise I don’t have a single black item of furniture or decorator item other than the black office chair which is in desperate need of replacement!

It’s not that I’m scared to use a dark colour in my home, we have a dark Navy wall upstairs which contrasts beautifully with our white high-gloss low-line, and we have dark chocolate carpet downstairs which is a perfect contrast to the blonde timber and white furniture. I guess I have just never been drawn to black, though it is slowly increasing in my wardrobe, from one dress to half a dozen, and it seems black is now trying to creep into my interior too!

I think it is the current industrial trend that is encouraging more black into our interiors. Chunky black text on cushions, the heavy dark look of steel and also the way black contrasts perfectly with all the timber, hessian and raw organic textiles make black the perfect highlight for an industrial inspired interior. What do you think? How have you used black in your home?

Here are a few images from this month’s Inside Out magazine… Just one publication and all this black! Black coffee tables, lamps, chairs, stools….

As you can see, you can use as little or as much black to make an impact. I am in love with the bar stools in the first image. Also black does not have to look industrial and heavy, it can also look glamorous, modern, light or feminine, it’s all about the finish and how it relates to the rest of your space. The last image is a perfect example of how black can be soft, feminine and glamorous- I just love the rug!

(I’m very sorry for the terrible photos, my computer went to the hospital on the weekend, and I didn’t have time to connect my laptop to the scanner…)

Have a wonderful day,

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- all taken from the Sept/Oct issue of Inside Out

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