Shopping, Reading & Relaxing

Opps! I have been MIA again! Wednesday morning my Mum arrived to babysit our little boy, while my new fiance (how exciting to use that word!) whisked me away for a mid-week getaway at the Hunter Valley! It was meant to be a surprise for my birthday, though Sam did let a few details slip on the weekend… A bottle of bubbly was waiting in our suite when we got there, and an appointment booked for the dayspa. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to do any vineyard tours while we were there, but I am feeling extremely relaxed and spoilt!  It looks like it is going to be another busy weekend for us this weekend, with dinner, lunch and possibly going to a wedding expo, so today will be short and sweet; just a few bits and pieces I am hoping to explore a little further over the weekend… (in my spare time???)

1. You may have already heard, but Anna Spiro of the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog has just opened an online store as an extension of her Black & Spiro store – Absolutely Beautiful Things, making her absolutely beautiful products available to people like myself who unfortunately don’t live in Brisbane. I managed to have a quick look this morning, before we went out for the day, and it is fantastic! Anna has created a new concept for online shopping – you really must check it out! She has created a room scene, the Winter Vignette, in which every product is available for sale! It is a fantastic way of seeing all the pieces work together, and helps to visualise how they might fit into your own home, to inspire us to be bold and add a splash of colour and pattern!

If you are lucky enough to be one of the first people to view the products and fall in love with one of the vintage pieces, do not hesitate because they’re one-off! Unfortunately, Anna said on her blog this morning that all the vintage pieces sold out on the first day! Most of the others are still available as they are made to order or in stock. Don’t worry, Anna is already busily planning her Spring vignette, and to expand already after yesterday’s opening success. So make sure you keep an eye out for the next vignette, and you can be one of the lucky ones to pick up something special!

Surprise, surprise… I fell in love with this armchair… Yes, I’ll admit it: I have a strange obsession for chairs, and it is covered in a black and white Chevron pattern, another one of my current obsessions… Luckily for Sam, I don’t have room for any more chairs in our house at the moment, so for now I just have to keep creating new spaces in my head. I also loved the Max coffee table, am dreaming of all the bright cushions, and jealous of the lucky person that managed to get the Vintage Chinese Linen Storer (below); cute huh!

2.  I received my email notification the other day to say Issue 6 of Rue Magazine is online now. Hopefully, I might have some time to have a good read through. I always enjoy reading the articles, full of great inspiration.

3. My latest issues of Inside Out and Houses magazines have just been delivered, so looks like I have a lot of reading to do… I hope the sunshine stays out so I can relax in the sun! Think I have half of tomorrow free to squeeze some reading in…

How about you? Any exciting plans this weekend?

Have a wonderful weekend, I will see you Monday!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- 1,2- Absolutely Beautiful Things, 2- Rue Mag, 3- my own

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