Retail Spotlight- Xavier & Me

Good afternoon!


Recently while catching up on some of my favourite blogs, I came across an interview with the very tallented Ellie Bradley- the creative brains behind Xavier&Me.


Xavier&Me is a small soft furnishings company with an absolutely gorgeous range of cushions, and linen. All of the products are handmade in Sydney, using only the best natural fibres- hemp, organic cotton, linen and bamboo. The beauty of these natural fibres is that they become even softer after each wash, for a truly luxurious feel! Ellie is also eco consious with the dyes she uses in creating the beautiful designs, using only water soluble inks, making them friendly for the environment.


Here are just a few pics of her gorgeous cushions, which you can order online through her store- Xavier&Me



Check out the full interview with Ellie at the Daily Imprint blog, here.


Thats it from me for today, never enough time on a Tuesday!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- 1,2- Daily Imprint, 3- Xavier&Me

2 thoughts on “Retail Spotlight- Xavier & Me

    1. I couldn’t agree more Diana! Its always nice to bring home new cushions to freshen up a room! I just love the way the soft watercolor cushion would pair perfectly with the bold geometric pattern for a cheery, eclectic feel!

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