Designer Spotlight- Patricia Urquiola


Yes I am back! I could probably give a million excuses for my absence, but the reality is my computer and I are still in disagreement and I don’t want to bore you with my troubles!

So moving on… I have been missing my creative outlet, and believe me when I say there are a million thoughts flying around my head, countless lists of designers I want to share with you and others I am wanting to look into!

I have a very big project I am currently working on, very, very exciting! But I’m not ready to share just yet… For now I will take you along my journey of inspiration, starting with…

Patricia Urquiola!
I left you with a very brief tasting of her work a couple of weeks ago. If you have not heard of her, OMG, you are missing out!

Patricia is a Spanish born designer, who has had very successful career designing products for companies such as Morosso, Molteni & Co, Knoll, Cappellini and Kartell to name a few. Here are just a couple…

What I love most about her style is her bold use of colour, combined with the use of bold and intricate patterns and texture. I think I would struggle to pick a favorite piece by Patricia… I love the chaise in the first image, the outdoor swing looks so inviting! She also has a gorgeous lamp table and a quilted chair for Moroso at the moment which I love love love!

Couldnt help adding a few more pics, there are so many more I would love to show you, but it is taking way too long adding images on my phone! Think I might just have to do another post on Patricia sometime…

What do you think? Love Patricia’s style as much as I do? Have you added any of her pieces to your ever growing wishlist as I have?

Have a wonderful day! And an even better weekend!
I promise to be back next week!

Rochelle xx


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