Welcome to the World of Wallpaper!

Over the past 12 months or more, I have many people ask me, ‘is wallpaper back?’ For me, the answer is obvious- yes! It’s back, and as the options for wallpaper continue to grow, I can only imagine it is going to stick around for a bit longer… For me, I am excited by all the colour options, patterns and textures available; while for others, a mix of nostalgic feelings, combined with the dread of steaming walls, mess and ‘granny’ prints comes to mind.

The great news is, there really is something for everyone these days – from textured papers to highly patterned, neutral colours to bold and bright, matte finish to high gloss and metallic. And if you don’t feel like doing an entire room or wall, there are always wall stickers in countless designs, colours and styles as an alternative.

Here is just a taste of some of the wallpapers out there…







Wall Stickers


There are even interactive wallpapers out there these days! I love this idea!

Wallpaper is such a personal choice, would you be daring to wallpaper an entire room, or just a wall? And would you attempt it yourself, or would you get a professional in? I am wanting to do another wall in our house, after I wallpapered the dining room wall last year with a bold green textured wallpaper. It is possibly to do it yourself! as long as you have patience, and take the phone off the hook – I had so many phone calls half-way through wallpapering! Good luck!

Have a great day!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- 1-Belle Maison, 2-Once was Loved Blog, 3&7-Style Estate Blog, 4-Lars Contzen, 5-Marie Burgos Design Blog, 8-ModeResDes.com

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the World of Wallpaper!

  1. Where was the metallic wallpaper #6 purchased from?
    I LOVE IT! I would like help finding this wallpaper for my office. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Karen, I am sorry but I don’t know where this one is from, and for some reason I don’t have a link to the website the photo was from! If you’re in Australia you could try Signature Prints. They stock Florence Broadhurst designs and have lots of beautiful geometric patterns and metallics. Good luck

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