Gift Ideas

Why is it always the way, you find the perfect gift for someone… Just AFTER their birthday? If you are like me when shopping for a present, you can find a million things you would like yourself, but nothing that is just right for the person you’re suppose to be shopping for! You dash to the shops, find a parking spot, up and down all the levels, round and round in circles, then off to another Westfields… Eventually settling for something in the last-minute, that you are secretly hoping they won’t like so you can keep it for yourself!

It seems now that I have just been through that, for Sam’s birthday and my besties birthday recently, I have come across so many cool websites, full of great gift ideas ever since! So it is time I write them down to keep a record of, for more creative and thoughtful gift giving! And you can do all the searching from home, and have it delivered to your door!

A great place to start is, Hard to Find… They have all sorts of unique gift ideas, for just about everyone. The website is very user-friendly, with Categories like Sleep, Eat, Work, Relax, Indulge, Kids and New, with subcategories to make it even easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Even better they have a shop by price option to help you stick within your budget!

These are a couple of my picks from Hard to Find…

 Hug Me Harry- Owl Clock $85


Mozi- Hummingbird Lapsleeve from $59.95


Anne Black- Porcelain love rings $22


Another great website for gift ideas is Top3 by Design. They have a great range of top designer products, and believe it or not, you will be able to find designer products in the $20-50 price range too. Here are some of my picks…

French Bull Mosaic Salad Servers- $19.90

Eames Chairs Card Case- $60


George Jensen Cheese Board- $170

(I love George Jensen!)

Other great sites to check out that I have mentioned in earlier posts include,
Design for Use– bringing really cool European design to you
Urban Outfitters– for everything from clothes, to homewares

And of course Etsy– for anything handmade, from bags & scarves, to jewelry & art.

Beware, looking through these sites you can lose track of time & spend money! Have fun!

Rochelle xx

Image credits- Hard to Find & Top3 by Design

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