I Heart Colour!

Good Morning!


If you haven’t already noticed, I Heart Colour!


Want a quick tip on how to make a room work with multiple colours? Start with an item like a cushion, rug or artwork that has many colours in and you just have to have! Then pick colours out of that item for the other pieces in the room. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is! It’s just finding the right balance that is the difficult part- be sure to keep a neutral base colour to ground your look. Here is a great example from Adore Home, that has balanced everything perfectly.


Lucy Fenton, of Fenton & Fenton designed the interior scheme for this upmarket display suite in Melbourne. I just love that Lucy has stepped out of the usual beige and brown scheme typically seen in display homes, and added lots of vibrant colour, with what she describes as an industrial, bohemian interior.

The artwork above, really sets the scene for the rest of the display suite- bright contrasting colours with a rough textured finish. The timber table and metal chairs complement the space, letting the artwork be the centre of attention.

Even though there are so many different elements in this one space and lots of colours, it all works harmoniously together. You can imagine without the artworks, cushion and pendant light it would be a very dull space

Lucy has then added a splash of yellow in the kitchen with industrial stools. Aqua, yellow and pink are probably not colours that you would naturally try to put together, but as you can see using the artworks as your starting point you can do just about anything!

In the bedroom Lucy toned it down a little using more subdued tones- focusing on the burnt orange in the prints, and using less colour to create a more restful space, ideal for a bedroom.


I just love the direction this is pulling display homes to go! And if you have read Adore Home’s latest issue, you would have also seen the bright Caribbean inspired Display home by Touch Interiors in Queensland, I love it!


The sun is out here! Think I will do the rest of my work outside today, soaking up the sun!

Have a bright & cheery day!

Rochelle xx


Image Credits- All Adore Home


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