Storage Solutions- Laundry

Good Morning!

I can’t believe it is Thursday already, guess it has been a short week this week with our public holiday on Monday, but the year is just going by so quickly! Today I will be continuing the Storage Solutions series; last week I did a post about Home Office ideas, the week before was focused on the Entry/ Foyer, so today I thought I would look at the Laundry. I feel like I’m spending more and more time in our laundry lately… I guess that’s what happens as the family grows and the little one starts getting in to all sorts of things! But wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have a laundry as tidy and organised as this…

Ok, so we probably can’t all afford to have anything like this and I know my laundry would be less than half the size of this! But we can certainly borrow ideas from it to make our own well-organised stylish space. If you have the space why not use drawers on castors (seen above) which you can move around, giving you an extra benchtop, then wheel it back away when not in use.

And why not add some personality to it like this….

Now this is more like the size of my laundry!

Both of these laundry make use of wall space, with cupboards or shelves for extra storage- If you really like the idea of shelves to keep the space looking a little more open, but are worried you will have to keep it tidy all the time, a great idea is to use little baskets, which you can even label so you know what’s inside each one, something like this…

Organising you laundry doesn’t have to be expensive either… If you don’t have the budget but desperately need to do something, it’s a matter of finding a home for everything, and using coordinating colours and patterns to create a new stylish look. The picture below uses a basic table as the workbench, with the washing machine and a laundry hamper below, open shelves with baskets to keep spray bottles, sponges, gloves etc out of sight, and stylish canisters to keep your washing powder, and pegs… If you’re limited on space, you can hang the ironing board on the wall, and I love the little extendable hanger, ideal for hanging a hand towel or for use on a rainy day.

And don’t forget to add some personality to the space! No-one really likes doing the washing but if you add a few pictures and some colour to the room with a bright fabric or wall stickers, you might at least smile while you are doing it! I love the light fittings used in pictures 2 and 4; oh, and did you notice the crystal door handles on picture 3- how cute!

Is your laundry as stylish as any of these? Please share any creative ideas you have used in your laundry, I’d love to know your secrets!

Have a wonderful day!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- 1-DigDigs, 2-Belle Maison, 3-Ish & Chi  4- Stagecutter, 5-House to Home, 6-RoomEnvy

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