Storage Solutions- Home Office

Last Thursday I blogged about storage solutions for the Entry or Foyer of your home, here. This week I will continue the storage solutions series with solutions for the Home Office, as I know this is another room in the house where it is essential to have a place for everything. One thing I have learnt is that you can never have enough storage space! I thought I had heaps of storage in my home office nook, but somehow my piles keep growing…


If you are ever needing inspiration on how to make your work space beautiful and creative, be sure to check out Little Bits of Lovely. Every Wednesday Rachel writes a post- Wednesday Workspace, bring us a different workspace each week. I am loving yesterday’s post, the chair would actually encourage me to sit at my desk! (I usually end up on the floor with things scattered all around me).

And then there’s Viv from Ish & Chi, who has created 2 beautiful spaces in her home, the first is the home office, the second is her studio where she works on her design projects.

Simple, neat,  calming

I love the mobile, and the way all the colours combine perfectly. While this room looks quite complex and very well styled, you’d be surprised on closer inspection how Viv has managed to use very simple pieces to create an amazing space! Can you believe she managed to do all of this for just under $900!

Viv has used 2 basic trestle tables (from Bunnings) as the desk, a few shelves (from Ikea) for storage and display, and a couple of bedroom furniture items for additional storage. By adding some of the finer details, like the wallpaper mounted on plywood, with the framed art, the butterfly mobile, and some colour in the cushion and boxes she has managed to create a warm inviting and individual work space.


Here are some more beautiful workspaces to help inspire you to get organised.


When designing your own home office, you really need to consider just how much storage you need and what kind of storage will be right for you. For my partner Sam, a basic desk with filing cabinet for paperwork and a small bookshelf for odd books is sufficient, as most his work is done on the computer. Whereas my space needs a lot more storage for samples, drafting materials and art supplies, paperwork, books and magazines…


These days there is no reason for your home office to not only be organised, but stylish too. Great places to start are Kikki-K, Smiggle, and Officeworks for coordinating storage boxes, magazine holders, day planners and anything else you need to organise your desk. Ikea also have some great finds at great prices- Most of my home office nook is from Ikea- a bookshelf to separate it from the lounge room, my desk and drawers, to smaller things like my magnetic board and cork board which I pin all my inspiration on.


Put labels on your boxes, so you can easily find what you are looking for, a comfy chair to sit on, and a splash of colour for inspiration and personality, and voila! You too can have a beautifully styled and organised space!


Have a great day!
Rochelle xx

Image Credits- 1- Little Bits of Lovely, 2,3- Ish & Chi, 4- Pintrest, 5-I.Design Box, 6- Three Men & a Lady Blog

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