Go Tribal

I have been noticing a lot of tribal inspired interiors lately, sometimes more obvious than others. While it is not a trend that I am normally drawn to, there are certainly elements that I like, and can look very effective when used in moderation. There are many different ways you can incorporate the Tribal look into your home without feeling like you are living in a tent!


This room is maybe a little too tribal for my liking, I would mix in a bit more colour, like deeper more saturated hues of burnt orange and olive green- either in silk cushions for a contrasting texture or some of the decorator pieces scattered around in the background. Also if the doors and picture rail were painted white it would help to lighten the space and create a more modern feel.


This interior also uses a lot of tribal inspirations, and mixes it with other eras and styles, but it all coordinates perfectly. The use of timber on the floors and the raw brick wall give the space the natural base for a tribal look, while the use of fabrics patterns and textures on the cushions, the trunk and the wall hanging are an obvious nod to the tribal look. The more subtle details that you don’t necessarily notice at first glance, such as the carved statue, the large clay pot or the ceiling fan all help to pull the space together.

Personally I would have to change the rug to something lighter and less patterned, with a glass and bronze or gold coffee table and lighter curtains.


Now this space is much lighter and brighter, but definitely still has a tribal influence. The use of natural materials, woven textures, geometric patterns and animal hide on the floor, to create the look. I love the day bed, the splash of colour to what is otherwise a neutral space, and it looks so cozy and inviting. I can imagine this would be a great reading room, to sit with a warm cuppa and a book.


I love the eclectic mix in this space! The framed fabric sets the mood and scheme for the space, yet in contrast to its tribal feel, the sofa is french inspired in style and the armchair has a baroque style pattern. The rug and stool are a modern take on more traditional tribal pieces, and the use of white and plain cushions helps keep the space looking modern and fresh.

There are endless combinations you can use to create your own tribal look, with as little or as much of it as you like! Key pieces that will help you get that look include- Heavy timbers, dark aged leather, stone features, woven rugs, textured and patterned fabrics as artwork or on cushions and furniture. To smaller details such as carved bowls or statues, woven baskets, aged trunks, stools and don’t forget the light fittings and fans.

To keep your space modern, make sure you mix in shades of white and or blocks of colour (light or dark) to break up all the patterns, add a glass coffee table in contrast to all the darker heavy items, and don’t be scared to throw in a colour that is not necessarily ‘tribal’ like the yellow ottoman above or the blue daybed.

Do you like the tribal look?

Have a great day!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- 1,2-Rue Gallery, 3-Houzz.com, 4- Design Wonderland Blog

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