Architecture in Art

‘The artist gazes upon reality and creates his own impression. The viewer gazes upon the impression and creates his own reality’

-Robert Brault

San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice- Stephen WiltshireGherkin Building in London- Stephen Wiltshire
Burj Al Arab- Stephen Wiltshire
Ever since seeing Stephen Wiltshire on TV, I have dreamed of one day owning one of his sketches. The detail in his cityscapes are just incredible, and quite often he has not even seen the city himself, drawing from memory or only briefly observing the city before he begins. If you have not heard of Stephen Wiltshire, it’s a really inspirational story, worth taking the time to read his biography.
Snow Trees, Lake and House- Paul Davies
Seidler house in Forest- Paul Davies
Seidler House, Pool, Landscape- Paul Davies
I would also love to one day own one of Paul Davies’ paintings. There is just so much character and depth in his paintings! His work can be viewed at the Tim Olsen Gallery.
Have you started your own art collection, or are you like me – dreaming of the day…
Rochelle xx
Image Credits- 1,2,3- Stephen Wiltshire, 4,5,6- Paul Davies

One thought on “Architecture in Art

  1. I like your post.

    I have started my collection of Stephens work (4 so far). I think he is an inspiration to a lot of people and people are always asking about the pictures I own.

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