Virtual Shopping…

Good Morning!


I had a lovely relaxing weekend this weekend- we spent most of it at my parents place, but felt like all we did was eat! It’s nice to do that sort of thing every now and then. I did attempt to catch up on my reading… I have a pile of magazines that I have not had time to read thoroughly yet, and still need to finish reading Adore online. It is so good to have an Australian Online Interior Magazine, showing you where to get all the must have products- here in Australia! They have all the links on the page, which can be very distracting as I discovered on the weekend… I don’t think I got very far through the magazine, was too busy following the links, and did some virtual shopping! Didn’t spend any money this time, but here’s what I would have bought…

Veneer Swallows- Design For Use
Wine Light- Design for use
Bucky Bowl- Design For Use
Aqua Chippendale Carver Chair- Ada & Darcy
Floral Rug- Ada & Darcy
Posy- DesignByThem

Time I got to work… Have a wonderful day!

Rochelle xx
Image Credits- 1,2,3,- Design for Use, 4,5- Ada & Darcy, 6- Design by Them

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