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My house has finally had a really good clean, top to bottom! Well except for a little pile of ironing that I need to get through…. But doesn’t it feel so good when everything is in its place, even if it is only for a day, untill the kids get home and pull their toys out, or tread dirt on to your freshly mopped floors! One key trick to keeping a tidy home, is for everything to have a place.

I am starting to feel like I am running out of storage at the moment. Even the study and spare bedroom cupboards are choc-a-block full, and this won’t surprise any parents out there, most of the stuff that has been collected are toys and clothes our little boy has outgrown… Holding on to, just in case another bub comes along… So I may not be ready or able to throw some of it out just yet, but there are some great storage solutions out there, for all areas of your home.

To start with, I think I need to work on the entry… At the moment all our mail gets thrown on the kitchen bench, Junk mail gets thrown on the console at the entry, shoes and thongs of all shapes and sizes gather under the console or at the bottom of the stairs, and Sam’s bag ends up sitting on the floor near the kitchen bench. With a few clever storage solutions, and giving everything a proper place, I should be able to get control of the mess that gathers, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either! Look at the picture below, a lot of it is from Ikea.

How cute are these little drawers under the shelf, perfect for storing your keys, phone chargers and all the odd little bits and pieces you find around the house. Notice the bowl on top, a great way to put all the things you need each day as you leave the house, all  in one spot!

Diary, check! Mobile, check! Pen/ pencil, check!

These hooks have been on my wish list for a long time now… They’re available from Top3 or Great Dane for around $300.

What a creative storage solution! But trying to keep it looking tidy would drive me nuts!

Love this too, but maybe a little too sleek for what I’m wanting…

I’m inspired now to do some planning, and over the next couple of weeks- a mini entry make over. So keep checking in and I’ll keep you updated. Have you used any clever storage ideas in your entry? I’d love to see/ hear your tips! Next week I’ll follow-up with storage solutions for another room that can never have enough… The Home office.

Have a great day! We have some sunshine at last today! Must be time for my morning coffee in the sunshine!

Rochelle xx

image credtits- 1,2,3- Homelife, 5- itty bitty impact blog, 6-D House Design

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