Blinds or Curtains?

The latest issue of Adore Home Magazine popped into my inbox this morning, and I couldn’t help but have a really quick flick through before I started my day today. If you haven’t read Adore before, it’s really worthwhile checking it out- full of current interior trends, stories on designers/ stylists/ bloggers and their homes/ stores, plus where to find all these beautiful products and even a dash of fashion. This month there’s a fantastic 7 page story on Anna Spiro’s store- Black and Spiro

But the thing that caught my eye was on page 49… A brand new window treatment concept…

‘The DecoGlide™ is a sliding screen system composed of intricately laser cut screens fixed to a minimalist head track. With twelve arresting designs to choose from, the screens are also available in a variety of materials and colours. This rich versatility ensures that you will find the right combination to suit your needs and tastes. The DecoGlide™ is Architecturally designed, which is evidence in its simple and refined tracking system. The track enables the DecoGlide™ to operate with ease and elegance, and be installed and maintained with minimal attention.’

What a fantastic new idea! Imagine the beautiful shadow that would be cast through the day! I love the top design, but there are so many more to choose from, you can even work with the ladies at Twenty Six Letters to create your own design. They deliver Australia-wide and promise it is a simple DIY to install. What do you think? Would you put DecoGlide in your home?

Just the other day while I was lost in the world of www, I came across another new window treatment which may be a good compromise for a project I am working on.

Believe it or not, these are actually roller blinds! They’re designed by Michelle Bialowas from White Circle Interiors in Melbourne. After searching all of Melbourne, Michelle designed a distinctive and contemporary roller-blind solution for Avenue & Co. I just love the intricate patterns of the 2 above, and there are many more designs to work with as well as different levels of block-out.

How cool is this blind! You don’t need a penthouse to have a view!

These beautiful sheer curtains were my original concept for my current project, but now these other solutions have got me thinking… What would you choose? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great day!

Rochelle xx


2 thoughts on “Blinds or Curtains?

  1. Amazing new technology creating so many options for us!

    Thanks for doing all the research for us Rochelle! Very inspiring blog!



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