Rainy Days…

This sums up perfectly how I am feeling right now….

It’s rainy and cold outside, and looks like the rain cloud is going to continue to hover over Sydney all week. It’s days like this I wish I could just curl up in a corner, under a woolly throw and catch up on reading all my magazines, books and junky TV watching…

How gorgeous are these wintery knitted stools! They’re by Claire-Anne O’Brien, I love the yellow, it’s such a happy colour, and the texture’s amazing!

Ooooh! and they would go perfectly with this….

Patricia Urquiola’s Manga Rug- these rugs have such incredible texture and are so soft and beautiful to touch!

Wish I was here! This is the Sangoma Retreat, nestled in bushland in Bowen Mountain, just over an hour out of Sydney. They have 3 completely private and unique suites; the Stone Suite, the Pool Suite or the Bush Suite. The resort is eco-friendly, with lap pool, sauna and massage facilities, and caters to guests with hearty & flavourful bistro-style cooking.

Sounds like the perfect getaway to me, I like the look of the Stone Suite the best, mind you the Pool suite (above) looks pretty good too! Only thing is you have to stay the entire weekend… problem? I think not! I could definitely manage that! What do you think?

Wish I was there already! or at least snuggled under a doona or throw!

Shame I can’t – I just discovered someone’s little hand got into the fridge, under the glad wrap and he’s been eating the chocolate flakes off the top of the leftover cake! (It’s so hard to be cranky with him sometimes! He knows the good stuff!!) So I’d better get going now… Have a great day!

Rochelle xx


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