Retail Spotlight- Murobond Makers Market

As I mentioned yesterday, Murobond are running a Makers Market in their Artarmon Showroom. It’s running from the 24th-28th May, 10am-4pm; with hands-on demonstrations daily between 11am-1pm. I ducked out quickly yesterday with my little boy, and found so many things I wished I could take home! Unfortunately, I missed out on any of the demonstrations, but it was great just to have a look, and be inspired.

Today Marsh Estate Wines will be there. Tomorrow’s demonstration is ‘How to create a rust finish’, and Saturday features Jason Grant’s ‘the Magnifiscent Flower Market’, and weaving by Harriet Goodall. I think I just might have to make a second trip…

Murobond Showroom - Welcome to my Wonderland
Murobond Showroom
It is such a warm, inviting and creative space, full of inspiring ideas, and if you’re after original, one-off, handmade bits and bobs, you should definitely make the trip! There are plenty of smaller items which are perfect gift ideas! I certainly wouldn’t complain if something from here was wrapped up as a gift for me! Jason Grant has also just released his first Paint Palette with Murobond, called Welcome to my Wonderland- you can see the swatches on the far wall, very earthy moody hues of grey, green and a touch of pink.
Don’t you just love the woven twig pendants hanging at the front! Created by super-talented Harriet Goodall, they’re actually a commissioned piece destined for a restaurant in California. The beauty of Harriet’s work is that she uses raw natural materials, and every piece will be unique.
Harriet Goodall
Above are ceramic dishes and pears from Little White Dish (check out their website). I also love their ceramic cups with red inside! The ceramic cups in the image on the right are from Elm Design who do really quirky illustrations of kangaroos, apes, bunnies and more, onto their handmade porcelain – all handcrafted using the highest quality porcelain. And I just love this bentwood shelf, it could definitely find a place in my home, but I do have a rule… no impulse buys over $100…
So I bought this instead!
Little handcrafted text by Louise Knowles, but now I think I need another, one of the larger ones! Not only does she make these cute little artworks in frames, or as a card, but she is also a painter…
There is so much more I could tell you about, but you will have to just go see for yourself!
Have a great day!
Rochelle xx
Photo Credits- 1,2 – from Murobond website – Photos by Katie Preece; others by Rochelle

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