Retail Spotlight- Sounds Like Home

As I mentioned yesterday, a girlfriend & I went on a bit of a spending spree at the Kas Warehouse Clearance Sale over the weekend, and loaded the car up with lots of great bargains… But that did not stop us from detouring on the way home to check out Sounds Like Home, oh and did I mention buy even more bits and pieces to try fit into the back of the Jeep!

I had heard of Sounds like home before, they have actuall been in business since 1999, but I had not been to their showroom yet. It was great little discovery on the way home as we drove through Newtown, but meant we spent more money! Whoops!
Sounds Like Home have quite an eclectic mix of furniture, homewares and wall-art. From beautiful Scandinavian retro style entertainment units, to bamboo and wicker side tables, from wire wall-art to giant glossy lime apples! I was so tempted to bring one home, but I think Sam (my future hubby) might have given me a very funny look if I walked in the door with a lime green resin apple the size of a soccor ball!
I did however pick up some wire wall art that says, ‘la dolce vita’ meaning the beautiful life, written in a gorgeous handwriting style in orange. I don’t quite know where I’m going to put it yet, but I’m sure it will find a place in our home…

La Dolce Vita
Cute huh! Just needs to find a home on my wall…
Resin Pear
This one nearly came home with me too, or an apple… You never know I just might get it one day!

If only I had the space for this one! Scandinavian/ Retro is one of my favourite styles of furniture, and it still looks so modern and fits in todays interiors beautifully! Even better is the fact that they use recycled Teak for many of their ranges, so if you are looking for something Eco Friendly you can tick that box at Sounds Like Home!


Origami Dining Table
I just love the colour of this timber, contrasting beautifully with the stainless steel base, and the slits on the table top make it truly unique.
Atelier Coffee TableA coffee table with real personality! Again it has been made with 100% recycled teak built to last! Round Woody StoolWhat a great multi functional piece, made out of remnant pieces of Teak. Perfect as a side table or stool, you could even have some glass cut to place on top if you wanted? Interior by In2Out Design
This ia an image of a Display Home by In2Out Design in Brisbane using some of the products Sounds Like Home stock- don’t you just love the artwork!
There are just so many other things I would love to show you, but you will have to check it out for yourself, they are well worth the visit- either online or if you’re in Sydney at their Showroom- Unit 5 / 32-60 Alice St, Newtown. 

 Have a great day!

Rochelle xx

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