Beautiful Bedrooms…

Over the weekend a girlfriend and I went to the Kas Warehouse Clearance Sale in Alexandria. We had a great time, scavenging through boxes and boxes of cushion covers, quilts, throws, sheets and towels… As we went around, our collections of ‘must have’ items grew and grew! I wish I took a photo of the Jeep after we’d loaded it all in, there were cushions and linen galore, lucky we had a big boot! On the way home we took a little detour to Sounds Like Home who stock furniture, homewares and wall-art. Their stock ranges from retro sideboards, to giant glossy apples, funky wire wall-art to resin bowls, but more on that tomorrow…

Today I have been inspired by my new-look bedroom! It’s amazing the difference a new quilt cover and a couple of cushions can make to a bedroom! I would love to put a bold patterned fuchsia, or graphic lime green and grey quilt on our bed, but surprisingly picked up a crisp white quilt cover with silver and taupe stitching- a little bit girly and neutral compared to my usual style, but still a nice fresh change!

Enchanted by Kas

I love this, but thought it might be a little bit too girly, and I would have had to get my other half to repaint our feature wall… He got off the hook this time, maybe next time?


Topaz- by Kas
Very graphic funky quilt, sure Sam would approve, but would have still needed to repaint our wall!
Ish & Chi

This is the bedroom of Ish & Chi blogger, Viv. I Love this quilt cover, I actually had something like this in mind for my bedroom, but have not come across exactly what I’m after…

How cool is this room! I love the way the butterflies float across the wardrobe onto the wall, and the use of such a vivid green, but it’s been well-balanced with the use of timer, taupe, brown and a touch of plum.
Domayne Bedding
 I love this Chesterfield Bed! 

Tobi Fairley Interior Design
This is a very neutral scheme, but for a space with only one colour it looks incredibly glamorous! As much as I love this room, I don’t think I could ever live in a space as monotone… I need my colour!
Have a great day!
Rochelle xx 

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