Colour Inspiration – White Shirt Day

Morning! It’s White Shirt Day today, raising money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer. Witchery are running a White Shirt Campaign – encouraging you to show your support by wearing a white shirt and a touch of silver today. I thought I would use this as inspiration for today’s post, with a couple of beautiful interiors I have found, using a white and silver colour scheme as a base, and a chair that I came across which I am adding to my extremely long wish list!

Source- Patricia Gray.

I love the natural texture and colour of the travertine contrasting against the white gloss benches. The timber also adds another layer of texture avoiding what could have become a stark, clinical looking interior, while the pendant light adds a touch of fun!

source- Decor pad
Crisp clean and fresh. Even with the traditional looking chandelier the space looks casual and user-friendly. I love the contrast between straight and curved lines, and new and old. What do you think?
The Bohémien Sofa by Castello Lagravinese
Source- Busnelli

I just had to throw this one in. Love this chair; if only I had the space for it in my home…

Well, I’d better run now; my little boy and I have a play date at the park! Hope you have a great weekend, and if you are interested in donating money toward Ovarian Cancer Research, follow this link to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Rochelle x


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