My very first post…

Well this is all very new to me… I read blogs on a daily basis, and have been so inspired that I have decided to start my own, to document all the beautiful interiors I come across each day. A personal journey of my style and taste, so will be interesting to see.

little Nudge, comes from a nickname my partner gave me when we first started dating, I think it also reflects my own style quite well- my design style can often be quite clean simple and neutral, yet a pop of colour or a surprise element always finds its way in. I think we often need a little nudge to step outside of our comfort zone and venture into a world of colour, fun and glamour! I’m hoping this blog will help remind myself to push my designs a little further and add that quirky detail to create a truly unique and personal space, maybe even inspire you?


I have had this image stuck in my head for days now! It’s out of one of my recent book purchases High Style by Woodson and Rummerfield, a design duo from LA. I’m sure I won’t be able to hold back from sharing more of this gorgeous book in future posts. Doesn’t this space look elegant and sophisticated, yet with a fun twist. I love the pop of red they’ve added to an otherwise monochromatic scheme.

I hope I get the hang of this quickly, wish me luck!

Rochelle x


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